Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Daring Dames: Adventure Angels

Adventure ahoy! Thrill to the most action comics from the Golden Age! Starring: Jungle Queen Camilla, Bulletgirl, Miss Victory, Ann the Amazon, Circus Girl, Val, Diana Hastings, Nelvana, Tomgirl, and more! Action, thrills, fantasy, sci-fi and more await in this amazing collection! 100 Big Pages! Daring Dames: Adventure Angels is now available through us, and at

Daring Dames: Adventure Angels Volume #1=$7.99
(100 pages long)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sexy Sci-Fi

Set a course throughout the universe with the curviest cuties in the cosmos! Tantalizing tales of terrific sci-fi and fantasy in this collection of Golden Age comics. Jungle girls, gorgeous goddesses, saucy spice pirates, planetary princesses, sultry slaves, alluring aliens, and more await in this sizzling hot guide to the galaxy! 100 Big Pages! Sexy Sci-Fi is available through us, and at

Sexy Sci-Fi Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages long)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Golden Agers: Lil' Genius and Friends

Golden Agers enrolls in the school of Lil' Genius and Friends. Lil' Genius and his twin sister Lil' Tomboy get into more shenanigans either alone or together than an entire pie fight. Also included are several other cartoon pals like Sherlock Duck, Atomic Mouse, Professor Invento, Timmy the Timid Ghost, Cubby Bear, Vita Min, Lil' Mouse, Tarheel, Atomic Rabbit, Tom the All American Cat, Dizzy Daisy, Uncle Butch, Daffy, Lil' Lumberjack, plus Rocko and Rollo. All-ages fun from the Golden Age of Comics! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics, plus as part of the Golden Agers: Adventure Collection Bundle.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Golden Agers: Strange Situations (in color)

Golden Agers trips into some Strange Situations. The Kreepers gather together for The Convention, The Man in Black called Fate recalls The Million Dollar Trap, the mighty morphing android The Shape is activated, The Auction has the undead bidding for creepy collectibles, interplanetary thrills await in Death on the Earth-Mars Run, sea monsters attack in Death Holds an Auction, an explorer becomes the Prisoner of the Plastic City, and a modern day maiden is flung back to ancient Egypt in Dead or Alive! Sensational strangeness in this classic comics collection, and in color! You can download this now at Lulu and Drive Thru Comics, plus as part of the Golden Agers: Strange Series Bundle.

Klassik Komix: Strange Strangers

Klassik Komix encounters some Strange Strangers! Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and adventure in this amazing collection! The giant robot Neutro is assembled, monsters meet for The Convention, The Man In Black Called Fate recalls The Million Dollar Trap, mighty morphin' android The Shape goes online, The Auction has the undead bidding for creepy collectibles, space is slippery in Death on the Earth-Mars Run, the tempting Tigerwoman is a real man-eater, an explorer becomes Prisoner of the Plastic City, and a modern girl is flung back to ancient Egypt in Dead or Alive! Prepare for paranormal activities in these classic comics! 100 Big Pages, and in color! This available in print from Createspace.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Atlanta Comic Convention, Aug. 2016

We'll have a table at the Atlanta Comic Convention on Aug. 14 at the Marriott Century Center on 2000 Century Blvd., Atlanta, GA. 30345.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Senshi Vs. Sentai: Color Special

The Sushi Senshi and the Hentai Sentai are at it again in their first full color special! In the Swimsuit Special, a botched beach trip has both superhero groups getting abducted by the alien uberlord, Gibraltar. He pits both teams into the Beach Volleyball Tournament of Doom with the fame of being the best heroes on the line! In The Legend Of The Revenge Of The Atomic Zombie Treasure Adventure, the heroes team up to try and stop a zombie invasion. Along with the android catgirl Nurse Myu, they fight off the evil Damienstiltzken, King of the Zombies, who plans to use his undead army to take over Maybetokyo. All this plus a special Senshi Vs. Sentai gallery, and fan art! Japanese pop-style and gratuitous fan service are all included in this color collection! This is now in print at Createspace, plus download at Drive Thru Comics.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Daring Dames: Pussycat Tails

Daring Dames cracks open the files of the secret agency known as S.C.O.R.E. with their top agent, Pussycat! The "Secret Council Of Ruthless Extroverts" recruit their curviest(but mostly clueless)spy, who was promoted from being a lowly secretary after they see her overwhelming allure over men. Pussycat slinks her way into the evil organization called L.U.S.T. by going undercover, either by stopping an enemy submarine, playing in the Olympics, disguised as a maid, or going into space! She also takes some time off to visit relatives, or becoming a superhero! One of the most voluptuous vixens from the Golden Age of comics shows off her amazing assets! This is available through us, and at

Daring Dames: Pussycat Tails Volume #1=$9.99
(64 pages long)

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Senshi Vs. Sentai

The city of Maybetokyo is constantly being attacked by alien invaders, rampaging dinosaurs, and giant robots. To battle this onslaught of menaces, the powerful rangers known as the Hentai Sentai step up to the plate. But, a rival group of magical girls in sailor suits called the Sushi Senshi plan on saving the city too, and taking the glory for themselves. It's a turf war of epic proportions as the two superhero teams fight to see who will be the city's next top saviors. This ain't no Civil War! Concept by Jer Alford. Story and art by Rick Butler. Design assistance by Ryan Chamberlain. Senshi Vs. Sentai is available through us, and at

Senshi Vs Sentai Volume #1=$4.99
(40 pages long)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Deadly Dames: Sultry Sinners

Deadly Dames uncovers the underworld antics of these Sultry Sinners! Bad girls from the Golden Age of comics ranging from female spies, sexy sorceresses, and milky mummies! A sunbathing spy alerts Cold War Commies in Beautiful But Deadly, Dorothy Lamour fights the Pharaoh's Daughter, Blackhawk battles Lady Butterfly, an Egyptian queen rises from her grave, and the Love Witch zaps some zombies. Vindictive villainesses vow vengeance in this curvy collection! You can download this now at Lulu and Drive Thru Comics plus as part of the Deadly Dames Bundle.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Golden Agers: Viva Villains (in color)

Golden Agers brings on the bad guys in Viva Villains! These sinister supervillains were evil enough to get their own hosted stories in various classic comics. On the wanted list are the ORIGINAL Dr. Doom, The Claw, Spider, Cerebex, Generalissimo Brainstorm, Shlep and Blep, Bee Man, and Mars-God of War! Criminal masterminds, alien invaders, and mad scientists make up for the most outrageous rogues gallery ever, and in color! Guest-starring superheroes: Ghost, Fly, and Pirana. You can download this now at Lulu and Drive Thru Comic, plus as part of the Golden Agers: Heroes Collection Bundle.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Klassik Komix: We Be Bad Guys

"We Be Bad Guys!" Klassik Komix visits the vilest villains of the Golden Age. See the birth of outrageous arch-enemies like Bee Man, Sorceress of Zoom, Shlep and Blep, Neptina-Queen of the Deep, Spider, The Claw, Mars-God of War, Her Highness, Cerebex, Merciless the Sorceress, Generalissimo Brainstorm, and the original Dr. Doom! Mad scientist, invading aliens, wicked witches, gangsters with gadgets, and criminal masterminds plan for world domination! 100 Big Pages! You can order this in print now from Createspace.