Thursday, October 30, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Scares (in color)

The strangest of scares lie in store for you with this Golden Agers collection, and in color! An anthology of some of the creepiest comics this side of the graveyard! A merciless murderer crosses the Bridge Of Death, two astrologists force the gods to their will in Zodiac, an elderly scientist sells his soul to the Devil to regain his youth by forming The Pact, and a sexy bloodsucker gets a gig at a nightclub in Vampire With A Whip. Plus, learn the secrets behind superstitions, witchcraft, and Halloween. These heart-pounding tales of terror will make you want to leave the light on at bedtime! You can add this to your bag of tricks at Drive Thru Comics and

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Fantastic Adventures Of Jesi The Genie

Jesi The Genie is back in an all new full-length collection. Set in the time of Arabian Nights, the former goddess Jesi has been turned into a genie, and has a handsome youth Din as her master. After being kidnapped by the evil wizard, Yen Sid, she gets rescued by her sister, that ends up becoming Din's next genie. So now, Jesi has to try to win over her master's affections while warding off her sexy sister. Plus, the addition of a pretty princess to the mix really makes this a romantic fantasy comedy for the ages. Story by Jer Alford. Art by Natalie Eckman, Isabel Marks, Takara Matsumi, Serena Paccagani, and Aimi Tokutake.

The Fantastic Adventures Of Jesi The Genie Issue #1=$3.00
(40 pages)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Blood & Monsters

Be prepared for Blood & Monsters! This collects some of the best in underground comics with gory toons and scary fun! There's three tales from the funny animal land of Gloomstadt by James Street filled of vampires, mad scientists, and Frankensteins. Also included are the Saturday Morning exploits of Monster And The Rockits by Jon Cowen, evil elves ready for the holidays in Seasons Greeting From Hell by Jerry Faw, and man vs. machine in Destroy All Robots by Blake Myres. Plenty of spooky madness and silly psychos in this creepy collection! It's ready for you at Drive Thru Comics and

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Future (in color)

Golden Agers leaps into the strangest of all possible futures. We'll have a look at some of the most bizarre sci-fi classic comic stories. There's the tragic tale of The Man From The Moon, space exploration has humanity meeting the Rulers Of The Universe, a man sealed away for 20,000 years takes a Flight To The Future, two astronauts encounter The Brain Bats Of Venus, atomic explosions bring about Creatures Of The Bomb, and an Earth prisoner on Jupiter tries to make an Escape To Death. This color collection contains creepy visions of things yet to come! You can get this at Drive Thru Comics and

Monday, October 20, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Space

Golden Agers sets off for the stars in this strange collection of space tales. In the spirit of Warlord Of Mars we see Myles Cabot transmitted to our sister planet to fight giant insects and woo a sexy princess in An Earth Man On Venus, then why protection against alien vixens is important in Encounter, then space explorer Flint Baker finds a new world filled with dinosaurs. Strange and unusual star treks that are totally far out! You can launch this rocket at Drive Thru Comics and

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Golden Agers: Heroes Vs. Monsters

It's the fight of a lifetime as your favorite heroes tackle some of the nastiest supernatural abominations the world has ever seen. From the Golden Age of comics, we've got the origin of the mighty Mr. Monster as he undertakes the undead, Phantom Lady wrestles with a werewolf, and the original Daredevil duels the demonic menace known as The Claw! It's superheroes vs. supernatural in this clash of the titans! You can download this Golden Agers comic now at Drive Thru Comics and

Friday, October 17, 2014

Golden Agers: Dracula Returns (in color)

Golden Agers brings back the batty bad guy basher as Dracula Returns. After fleeing Transylvania, the descendent of the original Count Dracula heads to America with his newfound bat-powers. But a seemingly pleasant cruise turns into a mission of danger as he has to take on his superhero persona to stop the evil Admiral Maltemps from terrorizing the free world with his fleet of zeppelins with the power to dominate the weather. Will Dracula be able to wing his way to victory? Stay tuned for this color cavalcade of adventure! You can suck this down at Drive Thru Comics and

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fuzzy Dice online

We've got a new version of Fuzzy Dice online now. Adorable bunnygirls in shoujo romance in Equinox, furry space cheerleaders in Cheer, soar with Super-Catgirl, learn why you should Beware Of The Dog, the Furry Ninja High School starts class in Hawaii, and discover Why Disney Princesses Are Never Catgirls. All this and the continuing saga of Gaijin Hi with the vampire bunnygirl Rabinella, plus the critter crimefighters called the Sushi Senshi from Senshi Vs. Sentai. Featuring material by Jer Alford, Rick Butler, Travis Castleberry, Ryan Chamblerian, P.T. Cooper, Willie Jimenez, Alicia Johnson, Toshubi, and Danny Valentini. You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics and

Golden Agers: Kaiju

Golden Agers clashes kaiju in this comics collection! Giant monsters terrorize the world, and make life pretty miserable for puny humans. The mighty minotaur rises from Death's Pool, the U.S. Army goes to war with The Million Year Monster, a creepy kraken awaits in The Thing From The Pool, and two astronauts land on an entire planet of kaiju in The Other World. Mount your maser cannons for this invasion of colossal creatures! You can find this now online at Drive Thru Comics and

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fuzzy Dice

Fuzzy Dice is back in an all new full-sized printed collection! We're got T.E.D., Time Exploration Droid: The Infinity Compass by John Powell has the time-travelling robot bear searching an alien world for an ancient object. Then there's Furry Ninja High School: Kawaii Hawaii written by Jer Alford and drawn by Danny Valentini where shojo manga soars among a beach party. Plus, I Used To Work There by Ashley Rowland featuring fast food frolics. Also, additional work by Willie Jimenez. For fans of furries and funny animal comics, this one is one fuzzy dice you have to roll!

Fuzzy Dice Issue #1=$1.00
(24 pages long)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Romance

Golden Agers mixes weird with desire in Strange Romance. Bringing some of the strangest Golden Age comic book stories of sci-fi, we get to see love in all its fondest and fearful faces. Two newlyweds go for an out of this world honeymoon in Space-Borne, an alien race trying to fit into human society finds out what really Conquers All, a time-travelling couple become Adam and Eve in A New Beginning, a diabolical deviant gets his pick of a space harem in 50 Girls 50, a Martian princess longs for her Earth lover in Lost In Space, and a scientist discovers a gorgeous scantily-clad tiny nymph in He Who Waits. Alien monsters, intergalactic amore, and sexy space cadets all wait for you in this phantasmagorical collection! You can catch this at Drive Thru Comics and

Friday, September 26, 2014

Klassik Komic: Monsters Vs. Heroes

Klassik Komix presents the eternal struggle of Monsters Vs. Heroes! Crimefighters, space cadets, jungle lords, and superheroes struggle with things that go bump in the night. The original Golden Age Daredevil battles the size-changing demon known as The Claw, master magician Yarko The Great takes on the villainous Vladim and his zombies, the tantalizing Tara smashes some space squids, Miss Masque mingles with mummies, Fero The Planet Detective hunts down intergalactic vampires, Jungle Jim comes across an alien witch doctor, Ibis The Invincible meddles with the Moon Monsters, The Purple Claw gets caught in the web of Countess Arachni and her giant spiders, Phantom Lady wrestles with werewolves, and Airboy teams up with the voluptuous Valkyrie to stop the monstrous Misery. It's supernatural vs. superpowers in this super-scary comics collection! 100 Big Pages! You can order this through us, or at

Klassik Komix: Monsters Vs. Heroes Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages)