Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Klassik Komix: Adventures In Belly Dancing

Klassik Komix shimmies into Adventures In Belly Dancing! The ancient tribal tradition takes to Golden Age comics with stupendous stories of sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy, action, comedy, romance, & more! Dancer delights in this diary of divas! You can get this in print now from Createspace.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Klassik Komix: Gaslight Gallery

Klassik Komix gets gothic with Gaslight Gallery. Blending fantasy and alternate history, this steampunk spinoff genre focuses on the darker parts of the Victorian Era. In this eerie collection of comics, Sherlock Holmes takes the case of Gloria Scott, Frankenstein gets a date for his creator, an eccentric collector buys an Egyptian artifact, Spring-Heeled Jack is spoofed, a thief steals for a sexy sorceress, the final fate of Jack the Ripper is revealed, Lord Dunsay recounts Two Bottles of Relish, a grave robber time travels in Treasure of the Tomb, a night out turns into an encounter with Dracula, The Vengeful Corpse haunts his killer, Ghosts Galore haunt the English countryside, a catgirl takes a man through various incarnations in The 9th Life, a detective solves the secret of Snaggle Castle, and a turn-of the century slasher known as The Hacker Is Back! Featuring artwork by Jack Davis, Steve Ditko, Slaba Eryce, Bill Everett, Gardner Fox, Joe Gill, Leo O'Mealia, Steve Skeates, Alex Toth, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! 100 Big Pages! This is print through us, and available at Lulu.com.

Klassik Komix: Gaslight Gallery Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages long)

Monday, March 13, 2017

U.K. Komix: Super Thriller Special

U.K. Komix continues with the Super Thriller Special! Starring Ace Hart: The Atom Man! The super-strong British comic book hero flies off into space with various voluptuous vixens to save the Earth from alien invaders and warlords! Sci-fi superhero comics from Britain! You can order this now from Createspace.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Golden Agers: Fantastic Funnies (in color)

Golden Agers features some Fantastic Funnies! This anthology has Black Orchid, Doc Strange, Glory Forbes, Sky Rangers, Werewolf Hunter, Commandette, and the crew of Crusoe Island! Full color craziness in this mixed bag! You can download this now at Lulu and Drive Thru Comics, as well as part of the Golden Agers: Adventure Collection Bundle.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Thrilling Komix

Thrilling Komix brings back the most thrilling comics from the Golden Age! Includes the first Doc Strange, Glory Forbes, Commandrette, Werewolf Hunter, Acromaid, Sky Rangers, Red Rogue, and Black Orchid! 100 Big Pages in color! You can get this in print now at Createspace.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Klassik Komix: Ridiculous Redneck Ravings

Klassik Komix rounds up some Ridiculous Redneck Ravings! Comic book favorites like Looie Lazybones, Long Sam, Pussycat, Slap Happy Pappy, Cubby Bear, and Ozark Ike in hayseed humor. Also included is southern strangeness like ghosts, flying saucers, vampires, swamp monsters, and circus freaks! Featuring material by Frank Fazetta, Bob Lubbers, George Henderson, Jack Cole, Matt Rust, Gill Fox, Ray Gotto, Lynn Karp, Gaylord DuBois, Jim Mooney, Al Fago, Rob Dinsmoor, Chuck Roblin, Joe Gill, and Steve Ditko! Hillbilly hilarity from beyond the backwoods! 100 Big Pages! This is available at Lulu.com.

Pin-Up Princesses: Groovy Gals

Pin-Up Princesses gets into the groove with these Groovy Gals! This collection of the grooviest gals from the Golden Age totally makes your day! Sizzling starlets, juggling jungle girls, heavenly harem girls, and more! You can get this in print now from Createspace, plus download it from Lulu and Drive Thru Comics, as well in the Pin-Up Princesses: Collection Bundle.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sass Parilla Presents: Girls & Gorillas

Sass Parilla the Singing Gorilla hosts this classic comic collection of fabulous females and awesome apes in Girls and Gorillas! The boss blue bassist narrates some of the strangest stories of the Golden Age where heavenly heroines clashed with gargantuan gorillas. Starring: Sheena, Starr Flagg, Thun'da, Cave Girl, Kaanga, Fantomah, and Vooda! Featuring legendary art by Frank Frazetta, Bob Powell, Fletcher Hanks, Matt Baker, Ogden Whitney, Frank Riddell, Jerry Iger, and Will Eisner! A bodacious bonanza of babes 'n bananas! 100 Big Pages!! This is available through us, and at Lulu.com.

Sass Parilla Presents: Girls and Gorillas Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages long)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Golden Agers: Ace Hart the Atom Man

Golden Agers goes to England for their resident space bound super hero, Ace Hart-The Atom Man! The British ray gun-toting superman flies into action with his partner Val, and a harem of other hot lovelies as he battles alien invaders, ex-Nazis, moon maidens, and space pirates! The hit hero from Europe in a comic collection of some his most astounding adventures! You can download this now at Lulu and Drive Thru Comics, plus as part of the Golden Agers: Heroes Collection Bundle.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Kooba Komix: Fox Feature Foxes

Kooba Komix quenches your thirst with this frothy filling of Fox Features Foxes! A cool collection of comic cuties like Phantom Lady, Dorothy Lamour, Chiquita, Rulah-Jungle Empress, Pussy Katnip, Ayesha, Sorceress Of Zoom, Marga-Panther Woman, and Silba. Superheroines, jungle queens, catgirls, and more Golden Age goddesses! You can get this in print now from Createspace.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Startling Komix

Startling Komix returns to the Golden Age of Comics for some of the greatest public domain characters put to print! Starring: Gale Allen, Tygra, Mike Strong, Firehair, Rocky Hall, Capt. Crossbones, Moon Girl, and Dagar the Desert Hawk! Cliffhanger crusades for comics collectors! 100 Big Pages, and in color! You can get this in print now at Createspace.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Daring Dames Spotlight: Moon Girl

Daring Dames Spotlight moonlights the original Princess of the Moon, Moon Girl! From a small foreign country, she uses her enchanted moonstone to give herself super-strength, and teams up with the brave Prince Mengu to fight evil forces, including aliens, cyclops, vampires, supervillains, and time travelers. Shoot for the moon with magnificent Moon Girl! You can download this now at Lulu and Drive Thru Comics, as well part of the Daring Dames Spotlight Bundle.