Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Klassik Komix: Witchy Women

Klassik Komix delves into the dark side with some of the most delicious divas from the Golden Age of Comics. Countess Aurora enters The Cavern Of Doom, the Goddess of Rock curses the jungle, the Undying Fiend changes a girl into a vampire, astronauts get caught in the Love Trap, Countess Arachni battles The Purple Claw, Sheena vexes a voodoo doctor, Valkyrie joins Airboy in nipping Nazis, The Magician From Mars handles the hateful Hood, the Ghost Of The Gorgon rises from the grave, and Samson is deceived by the delicious Delilah. Witchy Women have a delicious death trap in store to become the queens of crime! You can order this in print from Createspace.

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