Saturday, January 2, 2016

Klassik Komix: Titanic Team-Ups

Titanic heroes from the Golden Age of comics crossover in this collection of Team-Ups! Uncle Sam assembles avengers for America, The Wizard meets The Shield twice, Capt. Freedom and Shock Gibson prevent a U.S. invasion, Bulletman encounters Captain Marvel Jr. to fight Nazis, Rainbow Boy's debut has him rescuing Hydroman, the original Daredevil duos with Lance Hale to hunt Hitler, Sidekicks Kitten and Mickey form the Little Leaders, Black Terror and Timmy are revealed to Red Anne, plus an all-star lineup of Green Lama, Black Owl, and Dr. Frost get together to fight Frankenstein! The first leagues of justice leap into action with the greatest team-ups of all time! You can order this in print now from Createspace.

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