Sunday, March 9, 2014

T.E.D. online.

T.E.D. is back, an his entire original story is available for download! T.E.D. was an alien Terran Exploration Droid in 2028 that was reprogrammed by a group of rebels trying to save the planet from invaders. In a last desperate attempt to stop the aliens, the rebels end up being catapulted through space and time in their starship Fairburn. They crash land on a planet of mutant alien zombies, and then T.E.D. himself ends up being collected by alien scientists for research. T.E.D. makes an attempt to alter the future by travelling back in time to modern day by meeting up with younger versions of his allies. A robot teddy bear may be the only hope for humanity in this epic sci-fi trek! Created by John Powell. You can download this at Drive Thru Comics, plus in print and digital at Indy Planet.

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