Friday, May 23, 2014

Klassik Komix: Giant Monsters starring Prof. Morte'

Professor Morte', host of the Silver Scream Spook Show, brings you this colossal collection of Klassik Komix: Giant Monsters! Some of the most tremendous titans and killer kaiju from the Golden Ages of Comics. There's the infamous Island Monster that could give King Kong a run for his money. The shape-shifting Gravimonster plagues a small village. Thun'da the King of the Congo clashes with an amazon tribe on giant rocs called the Flying Devils. The Terror of the Deep stalks the souls of doomed sailors. Mysta of the Moon tangles with the Terrible Worm of Jupiter. Crom the Barbarian quests to vanquish the Giant from Beyond while slaying a sea serpent. All this, and the one and only mighty mecha Neutro(yes, that Neutro!). Plus, get some great ghoulish info from the Ghost Host with the Most, Professor Morte' himself! Head for the bunkers as these mega monsters go on a brutal rampage! Another 100 Big Pages comci! You can order this gargantuan graphic novel from us, or at from

Klassik Komix: Giant Monsters starring Prof. Morte' Volume #1=$10.00
(100 pages long)

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