Friday, August 15, 2014

Golden Agers: Heroes Super Special

Golden Agers brings back the Heroes in this Super Special! There's the origin of the cosmic Holo-Man and his mentor Laserman as they try to defend America from a nuclear threat. The mysterious Green Mask and his sidekick Domino try to stop a kidnapping. The original Captain Atom hunts hoodlums. Dollman and his canine partner grapple with gangsters. Captain Atlas protects Britain. Bulletman and Bulletdog defend a dog show. The Avenger assaults a mad scientist. Mr. Apollo bulks up. Target and the Targeteers round up racketeers. Thunderbolt Jaxon gains the power of Thor. Sidekicks Dusty and Roy team up to form the Boy Buddies. Kid Eternity talks to the dead. Blue Beetle and Sparky vex a vampire. Crime-fighting adventure and thrills in this combustible collection! You can get this at Drive Thru Comics and at

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