Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Tantalizing Tigirl

The Tantalizing Tigirl in her first big adventure. The lone survivor of a doomed alien planet of cat people, Tigirl was sent to Earth as an infant, and raised by Amazons in the rain forest. She later realizes she has powers and abilities far beyond those of other jungle girls, and is found by an explorer and her grandson. Tigirl falls for the young lad, and tries to beome a superhero to impress him. But the evil catgirl, Cleocatra, emerges to challenge Tigirl. Exciting feline action in this new tale Story by Sean Taylor. Art by Willie Jimenez. Original concept by Jer Alford. This is available through us and at Lulu, you can download this at Drive Thru Comics.

The Tantalizing Tigirl Issue #1=$5.99
(40 pages long)

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