Sunday, May 15, 2016

Golden Agers: Strange Stories

Golden Agers brings together some Strange Stories from the Golden Age of Comics! Sheena snags a snake goddess and a witch doctor, learn the Mystery of Asteroid 9, meet The Man Who Never Smiled, an old spinster gains a magic mirror, Purple Claw gets caught in the Web of Horror, astronauts are ensnared in a Love Trap, explore the Cavern of the Doomed, Kuno: Son of Steel begins his epic journey, The Magician From Mars returns to the red planet, The Ghost of the Gorgon rises from the grave, Killers from Outer Space attack the Earth, and the Moon Beast is more than just a monster movie. Horror, sci-fi, fantasy and more in this cryptic collection! You can buy this now in print or download it at Drive Thru Comics.

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