Sunday, August 7, 2016

Senshi Vs. Sentai: Color Special

The Sushi Senshi and the Hentai Sentai are at it again in their first full color special! In the Swimsuit Special, a botched beach trip has both superhero groups getting abducted by the alien uberlord, Gibraltar. He pits both teams into the Beach Volleyball Tournament of Doom with the fame of being the best heroes on the line! In The Legend Of The Revenge Of The Atomic Zombie Treasure Adventure, the heroes team up to try and stop a zombie invasion. Along with the android catgirl Nurse Myu, they fight off the evil Damienstiltzken, King of the Zombies, who plans to use his undead army to take over Maybetokyo. All this plus a special Senshi Vs. Sentai gallery, and fan art! Japanese pop-style and gratuitous fan service are all included in this color collection! This is now available for download at Drive Thru Comics.

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