Friday, March 16, 2018

British Underground: Speed Gale Comics

British Underground sets the gauge for Speed Gale Comics! Speed Gale with his sidekick Garry fight crime as masked manhunters, plus other heroes like Jet-Ace Logan, Kansas Kid, and Captain Conquest. Also starring adventurers Terry Brent, Rex Rome, and Captain Valiant. Laughs galore with Ally Sloper, Moko the Monk, Crackers, Wee Sport, Katsmeat, Little Spunyarn, Percy, The Comic Army, The Looney Family, Lester and Jester, Tish and Tosh, Esky and Mo, plus Buttons and Bose. Rare finds from the Golden Age of Comics! This trade paperback is in print through us, as well as at Lulu.

British Underground: Speed Gale Comics Volume #1=$9.99
(76 pages long)

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