Thursday, October 18, 2018

Strange Swinging Sixties Supers: Frankenstein (in color)

Strange Swinging Sixties Supers continues with the greatest stitchpunk creature of all time, Frankenstein! After laying dormant in the long abandoned Castle Frankenstein for over a hundred years, the creature is awakened by a stray bolt of lightning. He puts on a mask to blend into the regular world, and takes on the secret identity of Frank Stone. After saving the life of an elderly millionaire, Frankenstein is rewarded by becoming his sole heir, and collects his entire fortune. Frankenstein then uses his supernatural strength to take on the criminal mastermind Mr. Freek and his colossal gorilla Bluto from taking over Metropole City. Frank also confronts a hypnotic super computer, an evil double, a giant spider, and overgrown reptiles. Superb Saturday Morning action and excitement in this monstrous marvel of the Silver Age! 100 Big Pages, and in color! You can order this now at Lulu.

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