Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Daring Dames: Time Tarts

Daring Dames reverses the polarity of the neutron flow as we warp back through the ages in one stellar chrono-collection. We revisit the Lost Lives Of Laura Hastings whose constant reincarnations have her reliving lives as a curvy cave girl, an exotic Egyptian princess, and a pirate's pleasure. A hot mecha pilot plans a Holo Cost. The Monster God Of Rogor sees a archeologist crossing dimensions due to an ancient artifact and falling in love with the pretty priestess Maryl. Princess Of The Future has a planetary princess seeking her husband from across time. Exotic adventurers Jin and Ikea go back to the Jurassic era in Time Slip. A foxy future student travels back to the old west in Time Door. An astronaut is given a look back at his possible life on Earth from his wife's ghost in The Apers. Gale Allen and the Girl Squadron fight aliens in the future. Captain Science and his alluring assistant Luana clash with the evil Doctor Khartoum as he travels back to a lost city to sacrifice a sexy slave girl to an dark entity. Finally, The Vortex has a scientist creating a machine which takes him to the highly advanced parallel universe of Malzor where he marries the gorgeous lady Zorna. Sci-fi, fantasy, action, and adventure in this awesome omnibus of time travel tales. You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics and Lulu.com.

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