Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Deadly Dames: Most Wanted (in color)

Deadly Dames shows you the Most Wanted women in all of comics! Merciless the Sorceress ensnares some arctic explorers, Neptina-Queen of the Deep plans to take over the surface world, Her Highness and Silk hoodwink people out of their money, the tempting Tigerwoman leads men to their doom, Sorceress of Zoom attempts to conquer an Arabian kingdom, Zago the Jungle Prince matches wits with the Red Witch, The Purple Claw fights a slinky snake woman, and Texa-The Queen of Crime torments the Scarlet Avenger with living dinosaurs! Supervillainesses soar for supreme status in this collection of curvy criminals! This is available at Drive Thru Comics and Lulu.com, as well as being part of the Deadly Dames Bundle.

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