Saturday, April 4, 2015

Deadly Dames: Wicked Wenches

Deadly Dames unwinds another tangled web of wonder with these Wicked Wenches! The Spider Widow begins her venomous rampage against the Axis powers while teaming up with The Raven, The Man Who Stole Eternity runs across a dark sorceress, Fleur flaunts witchcraft in the middle ages, a naughty nymph lures a monster into The Curse, Mr. Risk meets the deformed villainess Nadya Burnett, a woman gains the power to grant wishes from the Devil Cat, a comatose former witch takes The Journey, a deceased woman seeks Love From The Grave, the original Spider Woman scares off some crooks, and reporter Chic Carter gets on the trail of Veda the Cobra Woman. Witchcraft, freaks, and sinister sirens in this combo of horror and action comics! You can get this and Drive Thru Comics and This is also part of the Deadly Dames Bundle.

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