Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Golden Agers: Viva Villains (in color)

Golden Agers brings on the bad guys in Viva Villains! These sinister supervillains were evil enough to get their own hosted stories in various classic comics. On the wanted list are the ORIGINAL Dr. Doom, The Claw, Moth Woman, Baku-Dream Eater, Count St. Germain, Spider, Cerebex, Generalissimo Brainstorm, Shlep and Blep, Bee Man, and Mars-God of War! Criminal masterminds, alien invaders, and mad scientists make up for the most outrageous rogues gallery ever, and in color! Guest-starring superheroes: Ghost, Fly, and Pirana. You can download this now at Lulu and Drive Thru Comic, plus as part of the Golden Agers: Heroes Collection Bundle.

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