Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mini-Komix: Manga Opus

Get ready for the Mangum Opus of Manga in this magnificent anthology! See street fighting in Scenes From A Rooftop, shoujo rabbits look for love in Equinox, killer cyberpunk action in Dangerous Machines, fuzzy fun at Furry Ninja High School, robot jets go for a test flight in Hurricane A.I., Time Exploration Droid is found by space scavengers, and Martian Catgirls invade America in Gaijin Hi. Plus, Steam Bunny, an original light novel. Great manga material by Jer Alford, Amanda Garman, Nate Hill, Alicia Johnson, Timothy Milton, John Powell, Benjamin Rodriguez, Christopher Seaton, Sean Taylor, Deleon Walters, Adam Wilson, Beatus Vir, and more! 100 Big Pages! This is in print from us, and at

Mini-Komix: Manga Opus Volume #1=$7.99
(100 pages long)

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