Thursday, August 28, 2014

Klassik Komix: Space Jockeys

Set phasers for "cool" as we go cruise the cosmos. Klassik Komix brings some of the greatest stories of the Golden Age in this bombastic mix of space adventures! Start off with the trials of an Earth Man On Venus, Space Bourne has an out of this world honeymoon, Gale Allen and the Girl Squadron battle alien dinosaurs, Spurt Hammond rescues a space princess, get literally Lost In Space, Buzz Crandall weeds out giant plants on another world, launch with the Space Rangers, Mysta of the Moon tangles with galactic terrorists, aliens discover what Conquers All, and book a seat on the Rocket To The Moon. Warp into comedy, romance, horror, and action in this groovy guide to the galaxy! 100 Big Pages! You order this through us, and at

Klassik Komix: Space Jockeys Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Daring Dames Spotlight: The Black Cat (in color)

Hot Hollywood actress Linda Turner leads a double-life as the sensational Black Cat. She takes on some ghosts, saboteurs, and costumed supervillains. Plus, Black Cat teaches you some of her secret Judo Tricks, and Linda Turner hobnobs with some celebrities from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Daring Dames strings together these fantastic fables of the original Black Cat! You can catch this at Drive Thru Comics and at

Monday, August 18, 2014

Golden Agers: Thun'da

Golden Agers swings into the safari of a lifetime with Thun'da, King of the Congo. Popularized by the 50s movie serials starring Buster Crabbe, Thun'da was a comic book series created by the great fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. In this collection, we see Thun'da's origin story as air force pilot Roger Drum crash lands in a hidden part of Africa still inhabited by dinosaurs, cavemen, and giant snakes! Roger soon earns a place as the new jungle lord under the name "Thun'da", and takes on the sexy scantily-clad jungle princess Pha as his mate. See Thun'da adopt the sabretooth tiger Sabre as his constant companion, fight poachers, rumble with rival tribes, tangle with treasure hunters, and protect the congo from animals gone wild. Savage adventure awaits in this fantastic collection! You can get this in digital and print now at Drive Thru Comics, as well as Indy Planet.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Golden Agers: Heroes Super Special

Golden Agers brings back the Heroes in this Super Special! There's the origin of the cosmic Holo-Man and his mentor Laserman as they try to defend America from a nuclear threat. The mysterious Green Mask and his sidekick Domino try to stop a kidnapping. The original Captain Atom hunts hoodlums. Dollman and his canine partner grapple with gangsters. Captain Atlas protects Britain. Bulletman and Bulletdog defend a dog show. The Avenger assaults a mad scientist. Mr. Apollo bulks up. Target and the Targeteers round up racketeers. Thunderbolt Jaxon gains the power of Thor. Sidekicks Dusty and Roy team up to form the Boy Buddies. Kid Eternity talks to the dead. Blue Beetle and Sparky vex a vampire. Crime-fighting adventure and thrills in this combustible collection! You can get this at Drive Thru Comics.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ghastly Gals is back and bigger!

Deadly Dames brings you Ghastly Gals, a collection of horror stories from the Golden Age of comics featuring monstrous maidens and evil enchantresses There's voluptuous vampires, murderous mermaids, wicked witches, ghostly girls, snake goddesses, seductive sirens, satanic brides, jungle queens, slinky sorceresses, and women of the web. Crypt cuties and horror hotties get their graveyard groove on in this terror-filled romp. Starring: Spider Widow, Chic Carter, The Weaver, and Mr. Risk. Featuring stories like The Book Of Doom, Vampire, I Chopped Her Head Off, Lure Of The Snake Goddess, She Stalks At Sundown, Vampires Two, Monsters Of The Deep, Bridegroom Come Back, Devil Cat, The Vampire's Bones, and Map Of Doom. 100 Big Pages!!! You can get this in print through us, or at, plus for download at Drive Thru Comics, and as part of the Monster Comics Collection Bundle.

Deadly Dames: Ghastly Gals Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Atlanta Comic Convention

We've got a table at the next Atlanta Comic Convention on Aug. 10 at the Marriott Century Center on 2000 Century Blvd., Atlanta, GA. 30345.