Monday, October 28, 2019

Klassik Komix: The Claw Vs. The World

Klassik Komix rings the bell for one of the greatest fights in comic book history, The Claw Vs. The World. During the Golden Age, a demonic alien from the planet Zylmarx calling himself The Claw journeys to the Earth. After taking over the island of Ricca, the Claw exploits his powers of size-shifting, hypnotism, and advance technology to create the monstrous army of Clawites. After an initial defeat by Professor Morris, Claw allies himself with Hitler and the Axis Powers to set his foothold in America. His efforts kept getting thwarted by the ORIGINAL Daredevil, and later on dueling with the masked hero known as The Ghost. Claw eventually drops the Nazis to team-up with the creepy Cobra Queen. His global domination schemes get put on hold as he returns to his homeworld to bring back an armada decades later to take over New York, but Rocky X and his Rocketeers put a stop to his invasion once and for all. 100 Big Pages of the very first reoccurring comic book super villain! This is in print and in color at Lulu.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Klassik Komix: Save The Day, Save The World!

Klassik Komix lives up to the old motto, "Save The Day, Save The World!" Superheroes from the Golden Age to the Bronze Age of Comics! Tales of the ORIGINAL Cat-Man along with his sidekick Kitten, also Lady Luck, Plastic Man, The Butterfly, Guy Gorham, Captain Atom, The Hood, Blackhawk, plus Target and the Targeteers. 100 Big Pages of historic heroes! This graphic novel is now available in print at Lulu.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Golden Agers: Clutches Of The Claw (in color)

Golden Agers grabs you in Clutches Of The Claw. The first reoccurring supervillain from the dawn of comics, The Claw was a demonic alien that crashes on Earth and took over the Pacific island of Ricca. Bent on world domination, The Claw uses his powers of size-changing, super-strength, and hypnotism to create an army called the Clawites. Forming alliances with Hitler and the supervillainess Cobra Queen, The Claw sets forth on his crusade of evil. But, constant run-ins with heroes like Prof. Jerry Morris, The Ghost, Rocky X, and the original Daredevil keep foiling his plans! 100 Big Pages, and in color! You can download it now at Drive Thru Comics, or as part of the Golden Agers: Kaiju Collection Bundle.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Atlanta Comic Convention: Oct. 13, 2019

Mini-Komix will have an artist alley table at the Atlanta Comic Convention on Oct. 13 at the Marriott Century Center on 2000 Century Boulevard NE., Atlanta, GA. 30345.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Fanzine Sardine: Amazing Ama-Heroes

Fanzine Sardine introduces you to the Amazing Ama-Heroes! Amateur superheroes originally created for underground Silver Age fanzines. Creative crusaders like Hyperman, Xal-Kor the Human Cat, Wildman and Rubberoy! Also included are new takes on Golden Age heroes with Black Terror, Black Cat, and Phantom Lady! Quality crafted crimefighters from the dawn of comic fandom! You can download this now at Lulu and Drive Thru Comics, plus as part of the Fanzine Sardine Collection Bundle, as well as in print and digital at Indy Planet.