Saturday, March 21, 2020


Dig this crazy comic we like to call "Eh!". Primed parodies and super spoofs of everything from movies, television, sports, and advertisements from the Golden and Silver Age of comics! Learn how Davy Crockhead Captured America, play What's My Line-Up?, watch Squeeeezerama in 5-D, Maryland Monrowboat has a movie premiere, Satan goes to Earth in Paradise Gained, Hollywood tries Hamlet On Rye, The Four Mosquitoes free France, and the All-Time All-American Team plays ball with sexy starlets! 100 Big Pages of cataclysmic comedy! You can download it now at Drive Thru Comics, as well as part of the Parody Comics Collection Bundle, plus in print and digital at Indy Planet.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Klassik Komix: Glory Days

Klassik Komix heads back to the Glory Days! Golden Age heroes and heroines including U.S. Jones, The Flame, Captain Science, Hunter Bowman, Sheena-Queen of the Jungle, Lariat Lucy, Dr. Fung, Ibis the Invincible, Captain Valiant, The Eagle, and Lady Luck! Also included are: The Lost World. 100 Big Pages of classic comic characters! You can order this in print from Lulu.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Dope Komix

Dope Komix burrows through the deepest underground comics for the most secret of secret stash, humor for getting high, and a primary for potheads! Here, Godzilla fights the Cocaine Monster, get Sucked In with a shrink ray, take an Outer Spaced Fantasy, tune into Dope-O-Toons, meet the Tricky devil, Ell-Arr from Mars visits Earth, Lulu and The G-Men push pushers, dig Dope Trauma Tales, Sam Francisco is last of the hard-boiled dicks, Grabbit and Ratskello revive vaudeville, meet Citizen Caine, and solve The Great North Pole Massacre! 100 Big Pages! You can download this at Lulu, also in print at Lulu.