Thursday, February 14, 2019

The OTHER Capt. Marvel

The OTHER Capt. Marvel flies in from the Silver Age of Comics! Published by M.F. Enterprises during the 1960s, this alien android was sent to Earth to protect its citizens against bizarre bad guys! These include Dr. Darkness, Plastic Man, Atom-Jaw, The Bat, Vapor Man, Colonel Cold, and Dr. Fate! Captain Marvel uses his ability to detach parts of his body for the most campy crimefighting comics of all time! 100 Big Pages, and in color! You can get this now in print from Lulu, or download it at Drive Thru Comics, and as part of the Super Heroes Collection Bundle.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Bunny Girl Bonanza

Bunny Girl Bonanza brings bouncing babes for awesome otaku! Rabina is a rabbit demi-goddess who falls in love with an amateur magician, Equinox highlights high school hijinks in an anthropomorphic shoujo, and Steam Bunny is a light novel about a steampunk siren. All this, plus amazing artwork by indie creators. Kemonomimi cuties from anime and manga! You can download this at Lulu, plus digital and in print from Indy Planet.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Shazam Family Giant: Junior Journals

Shazam Family Giant thunders through the Junior Journals! When Freddy Freeman says "Captain Marvel", he transforms into the World's Mightiest Boy. Now as Captain Marvel Jr., he goes into business with the rest of the Marvel Family. He also flies solo when he smashes sea monsters, fights freaks, catches clowns, punches pirates, duels a demon, attacks the Arabian Knights, and spites Sivana Jr. 100 Big Pages of the original titanic teen of comics! You can get this in print through us, plus at Lulu, also for download at Drive Thru Comics, and as part of the Shazam Family Giant Collection Bundle.

Shazam Family Giant: Junior Journals Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages long)

Friday, February 1, 2019

Klassik Komix: Our Super Heroes Are Different

Klassik Komix digs into the obscure corners of the Golden Age to show how Our Super Heroes Are Different! The Great Zarro gains the ability to fly, young magician Jimmy Apollo summons the Magicmaster, mysterious Madame Strange confronts the villain known as The Octopus, Kangaroo Man and his sidekick Bingo jump some Nazis, Atlas gains strength from the Greek Gods, Kid Eternity meets the Amazons, ancient armor transforms an adventurer into the Glowing Gladiator, and the fearless Futuro kidnaps Hitler! 100 Big Pages of obscure superheroes! You can get this in print now at Lulu.