Thursday, November 29, 2018

Karma Komix

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with this psychedelic set of Karma Komix! Trippy tokes like Jesus freaks, maui waui, time travel, high-tech comix, government meat, outer space, fairy tales, kaiju, funny animals, robots, and more! 100 Big Pages! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics and as part of the Underground Comics Collection Bundle.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Shazam Family Giant: Mightiest Mortal

The Shazam Family Giant presents the Mightiest Mortal, the ORIGINAL Captain Marvel! Billy Batson is a boy reporter given the powers of six gods, allowing him to transform into the World's Mightiest Mortal! Captain Marvel saves the day from rampaging dinosaurs, alien invaders, mischievous magic, crooked criminals, and the devious Dr. Sivana! 100 Big Pages! You get this in print through us, or at Lulu, plus download it at Drive Thru Comics.

Shazam Family Giant: Mightiest Mortal Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages long)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Klassik Komix: B-Sides

Klassik Komix plays the B-Sides of Golden Age comics. Fabulous flipside fables featuring classic characters: Atomic Rabbit, Atomic Mouse, Atom the Cat, Mitzi Moth, Al E. Gator, Beanie the Meanie, Professor Pipp, Lolly and Pepper, Joe Blow, Toodles, Ibis the Invincible, Candid Charlie, Dover, Carl an' Cal, Jack Frost, Lil' Genius, Tabs the Cat, Dazey, Pilot Pete, Benny the Bug, Dolly and Charlie, Beanie the Meanie, Toodles, Stoogie, Ivor Champ, and Goosey the Ghost! 100 Big Pages of hidden treasure between the covers! You can order this through us, or also at Lulu.

Klassik Komix: B-Sides Volume #1=$7.99
(100 pages long)

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Keelhaul Komix

Set sail on the high seas with Keelhaul Komix! Tales of sweeping swashbuckling skullduggery from the Golden Age of Comics! Starring Captain Cutlass, The Ol' Skipper, Kuno: Son Of Steel, Jean Lafitte, Cap'n Jerry, Hawk, Maureen Marine, and Polka-Dot Pirate! Buccaneers, buried treasure, and busty wenches in this pirate's paradise! 100 Big Pages! This in in print through us, plus at Lulu, and for download at Drive Thru Comics as well as part of the Gonzo Komix: Adventure Collection, also in print and digital at Indy Planet.

Keelhaul Komix Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages long)

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Pep Stories

Spicy Stories puts some pep in your step with Pep Stories! Adult comics from the Golden Age on up! Meet the alluring Azura: Queen Of Magic, watch The Saga Of Honeydew Melons, Joe Palooka has a wild dream, Doctor Wonmug picks up the sexy Ooola, Boots is too good, a spaceman plans a Nest Egg, Ginger Rogers has a fling with a fan, get some Jungle Justice, Death Boat claims another victim, Liana looks for truth in death, preview some Planet Stories, Etta Kett gets endorsed, and check into Hotel Lover! 100 Big Pages of mature reading! You can get this in paperback now at Lulu.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Golden Agers: Various Ventures

Golden Agers sets out on Various Ventures! Featuring various vigilantes and valiant adventurers. Starring ZX-5, Speedsmith, Miracle Man, Lt. Brooks, The Flame, Ibis The Invincible, Guy Gorham, Captain Valiant, The Eagle, plus Target and The Targeteers! Now available for download at Drive Thru Comics, plus as part of the Golden Agers: Heroes Collection Bundle.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Mini-Komix: Two-In-One

Mini-Komix features a colorful Two-In-One special with two of today's talented creators! Jamal Jones presents Specter Skelter, an anime-inspired supernatural tale of a Japanese girl operating between the real world and the realm of Styx. Captain Lovehandles showcases Slim Tuesday, a performer who experiences the blues after his pet cat builds a rocket to go on a space voyage. Wonderful works from modern cartoonists! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics, plus as part ot the Mini-Komix: Album Set.