Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Golden Agers: Monster Hunters (in color)

Golden Agers brings on the cryptids as Colonel Whiteshroud sets out to hunt down the world's strangest and most dangerous demons. Monster Hunters sees the Colonel meeting up with the vivacious vampire, Countess Von Bludd, and sets to get the Boar's Head Beast. Following that, we also find a milky mermaid, a hunter who debunks cryptids, meet Monsters From Outer Space, Jungle Jo juggles giant juggernauts, the Vampire Spider victimizes a small town, a daydreamer that duels with dinosaurs, Reef Kinkaid seeks sea serpents, Dr. Occult busts some bloodsuckers, The Hand of Fate points at another monster hunter, a Snake Charmer causes a ruckus at the circus, and alien abominations interfere with a Mission! It's X-Files meets Van Helsing as the intrepid Colonel captures creatures.You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Daring Dames: Hot Heroines

Sexy superheroines charge into action as Daring Dames collects three of the curviest costumes crimefighters into one cosmic collection! We've got two tales of the of the mighty magical miracle, Yankee Girl, a super-powered crusader who uses her abilities of flight and super-strength to protect the American Way. We also have the courageous Kitty Kelly, whose distracts deviants with her flashy outfit and abnormal strength. The vivacious Vixen comes to America. Black Blaze protects the galactic frontier. Plus, the bikini-clad Madame Strange uses spies against the Axis powers! It's crime fighting time, in the sexiest way possible! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Daring Dames: Time Travels back in time!

Daring Dames: Time Travels is back, and bigger than ever! Set your time machine for the past, the future, and all points in between. Travel through time and space with some of the most beautiful girls from the Golden Age of comics. There's the villainous Sorceress Of Zoom in her quest to obtain a magical jewel, lovely Luana transports Captain Science thousands of years to stop the evil Doctor Khartoum from sacrificing slave girls, a darling doctor accidently summons a knight and dragon in Through The Time Warp, a project between two lovers goes back to the dawn of time for A New Beginning, the continuing saga of Malu The Slave Girl as she looks back at her past life during the Arabian Nights, step into another world in The Vortex, a package filled with harem girls from the future leads to a Miscalculation, a look at The Lost Lives Of Lauren Hastings, an archeologist is summoned by a sexy priestess to fight The Monster God Of Rogor, and the goddess Isis haunts her descendants from ancient Egypt. Strange tales and bizarre thrillers in this cosmic collection. 100 Big Pages! This is available in print through us, as well as at Lulu.com, plus in digital format at Drive Thru Comics, or as part of the Daring Dames Presents Bundle.

Daring Dames: Time Travels Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages long)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Daring Dames: Galactic Gals

The Daring Dames are off to outer space as we zoom in on some of the sirens of the stars from the Golden Age of Comics. We've got not 1 but 2 terrific tales of the milky Mysta of the Moon, plus the majestic Magician of Mars, and the gorgeous Gale Allen and her groovy Girl Squadron. Aliens, invaders, and space monsters of every kind plague our heavenly heroines as they boldly go where no sexy space cadet has gone before! You can get this now at Drive Thru Comics.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Klassik Komix: Excitement, Adventure & Really Wild Things

Who cares what a Jedi craves?! A true hitch-hiker knows that excitement, adventure and really wild things are what's totally hoopy, and all of these are in this collection of Klassik Komix. Meet the Blue Men of Bantro, witness the End of the World, sign up for the Space Police, trek with The Triad, a hippie gets The Power, gamble with the Earth getting a Second Chance, meddle with the Monster of Mars, mankind asks What Was It?, visit the Planet of Terror, submerge with Spacehawk, behold the Birth of Death, Clik through a menu of options for humans, go on vacation with space cadet Andromeda, track down The Traveller, welcome The Visitor, space babes bash Cthulu in Celestial Battle, and examine the Abduction of Henry Twigg. Keep your towel handy for these public domain gems from the Golden Age of Comics! 100 Big Pages! It's for sale through us, also at Lulu.com

Klassik Komix: Excitement, Adventure And Really Wild Things Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages long)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Atlanta Comic Convention

Mini-Komix has a table at the Atlanta Comic Convention on Nov. 23 at the Marriott Century Center on 2000 Century Blvd., Atlanta, GA. 30345.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Buried Alive Film Fest

We'll have a table at the Buried Alive Film Fest on Nov. 22 at the Fabrefaction Theatre on 999 Brady Ave., Atlanta, GA. 30318.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Golden Agers: Vic Torry (in color)

Golden Agers spotlights another hero, the dashing test pilot Vic Torry. He and his sexy blonde girlfriend Laura run across a flying saucer from Mercury. It's alien pilot dies after conveying to his rescuers the plight of his people. After taking the UFO back to Mercury, Vic and Laura discover the evil dictator Szzz has taken over the planet and turned the population into brainwashed zombies. It's up to Vic and the remaining Mercurian resistance to save both of their worlds from galactic conquest! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics.

Daring Dames Spotlight Bundle

Mini-Komix now has all 7 issues of our Daring Dames Spotlight comics available in one big affordable bundle! This bargain has collections of Cave Girl, Malu The Slave Girls, Miss Masque, Phantom Lady, Sheena, Valkyrie, Torchy and the original Black Cat. Jungle queens, superheroines, harem girls, and busty Nasi smashers in this curvy comics combo! Check them all out at Drive Thru Comics.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Daring Dames Diaries

Daring Dames Diaries returns in an all new 100 Big Pages edition! Heroine and villainesses return in all new adventures. Thrill to tales of Amazona the Mighty Woman, Jill Trent: Science Sleuth, Moon Girl, Vivian Lachan, Flame Girl, Crimson Cobra, Madame Terror, and Rulah the Jungle Goddess. Plus original stories of Ms. Amazing, Lady Midnight, and the Wolf Queen. Written by Terry Alexander, Jason Bullock, Nate Hill, David Lawrence, Chuck Miller, Bobby Nash, and Gaylord Tause. You can get this in print from us, and for download or print at Drive Thru Comics, and Lulu.com.

Daring Dames Diaries Volume #1=$7.99
(100 pages)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Series Bundle

We've got all 6 issues of our Golden Agers: Strange series now available in one bargain bundle! You can get Strange Creatures (in color), Strange Future (in color), Strange Romance, Strange Scares (in color), Strange Science (in color), and Strange Space all for a great low price! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics.

Daring Dames Spotlight: Valkyrie

Daring Dames spotlights the original bad girl-turned-good girl, Valkyrie! This voluptuous vixen, Liselotte von Schellendorf, first premiered as a Nazi foil for the heroic Airboy, but after a few make-out sessions, she switched from the Axis to the Allies. Valkyrie now helps Airboy with her all-girl Airmaidens shoot down nasty Nazi flyers, and the villainous grim reaper known as Misery. WWII wonder and some serious spy smashing in this Daring Dames delight! You can fly with Valkyrie now at Drive Thru Comics.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Creatures (in color)

Experience the Golden Agers: Strange series with this special "Creatures" edition! A Lovecraftian collection of some of the most bizarre public domain monsters, aliens, and abominations ever put on the printed page. A scientist enters the reality of the Nightmare World, the Snowman comes to life to fight the fearful Fang, Kongzilla takes a bite out of the Big Apple, crab men creep around in They Crawl By Night, a clockmaker makes an unholy pact with invading demons in Walpurgis, a murderer is hunted by a giant Bird Of Prey, underground dwellers bust loose in Gateway To Horror, Spacehawk swats Uranian bats, and a wicked witch unleashes the ghouls of Hell with the Star Of Doom. Creepy crawlies and marauding monsters a plenty in these classic creature comics! You can read this now at Drive Thru Comics.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Scares (in color)

The strangest of scares lie in store for you with this Golden Agers collection, and in color! An anthology of some of the creepiest comics this side of the graveyard! A merciless murderer crosses the Bridge Of Death, two astrologists force the gods to their will in Zodiac, an elderly scientist sells his soul to the Devil to regain his youth by forming The Pact, and a sexy bloodsucker gets a gig at a nightclub in Vampire With A Whip. Plus, learn the secrets behind superstitions, witchcraft, and Halloween. These heart-pounding tales of terror will make you want to leave the light on at bedtime! You can add this to your bag of tricks at Drive Thru Comics.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Blood & Monsters

Be prepared for Blood & Monsters! This collects some of the best in underground comics with gory toons and scary fun! There's three tales from the funny animal land of Gloomstadt by James Street filled of vampires, mad scientists, and Frankensteins. Also included are the Saturday Morning exploits of Monster And The Rockits by Jon Cowen, evil elves ready for the holidays in Seasons Greeting From Hell by Jerry Faw, and man vs. machine in Destroy All Robots by Blake Myres. Plenty of spooky madness and silly psychos in this creepy collection! It's ready for you at Drive Thru Comics.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Future (in color)

Golden Agers leaps into the strangest of all possible futures. We'll have a look at some of the most bizarre sci-fi classic comic stories. There's the tragic tale of The Man From The Moon, space exploration has humanity meeting the Rulers Of The Universe, Spacehawk gets himself to Mars, a man sealed away for 20,000 years takes a Flight To The Future, two astronauts encounter The Brain Bats Of Venus, break beyond your Physical Barriers, modern day treasure hunters look for a sunken galleon, a scientist builds a Robot Woman, aliens hunt humans in The Trophy, a teenage astronaut is retired in The Has-Been, Meteor Martin rescues a moon maid, and an Earth prisoner on Jupiter tries to make an Escape To Death. This color collection contains creepy visions of things yet to come! You can get this at Drive Thru Comics.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Space

Golden Agers sets off for the stars in this strange collection of space tales. In the spirit of Warlord Of Mars we see Myles Cabot transmitted to our sister planet to fight giant insects and woo a sexy princess in An Earth Man On Venus, space brigadier Lewis Garner is The Man Who Relighted The Stars, learn why protection against alien vixens is important in Encounter, visit The Sixth Moon Of Saturn, an astronaut uncovers the Forgotten Kingdom, Captain Conquest messes with the Men from Mars, space explorer Flint Baker finds a new world filled with dinosaurs, Retired previews risky excursions into the inky void, Earth is assaulted by melon-crazy aliens in The Invaders, and solve the Space Mystery! Strange and unusual star treks that are totally far out! You can launch this rocket at Drive Thru Comics.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Golden Agers: Heroes Vs. Monsters

It's the fight of a lifetime as your favorite heroes tackle some of the nastiest supernatural abominations the world has ever seen. From the Golden Age of comics, we've got the origin of the mighty Mr. Monster as he undertakes the undead, Phantom Lady wrestles with a werewolf, the Australian Catman meddles with a metal menace, the original Daredevil duels the demon known as The Claw, Sir Falcon messes with a mummy, and The Rejects have a space with a space monster! It's superheroes vs. supernatural in this clash of the titans! You can download this Golden Agers comic now at Drive Thru Comics.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fuzzy Dice online

We've got a new version of Fuzzy Dice online now. Adorable bunnygirls in shoujo romance in Equinox, furry space cheerleaders in Cheer, soar with Super-Catgirl, learn why you should Beware Of The Dog, the Furry Ninja High School starts class in Hawaii, and discover Why Disney Princesses Are Never Catgirls. All this and the continuing saga of Gaijin Hi with the vampire bunnygirl Rabinella, plus the critter crimefighters called the Sushi Senshi from Senshi Vs. Sentai. Featuring material by Jer Alford, Rick Butler, Travis Castleberry, Ryan Chamblerian, P.T. Cooper, Willie Jimenez, Alicia Johnson, Toshubi, and Danny Valentini. You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics.

Golden Agers: Kaiju

Golden Agers clashes kaiju in this comics collection! Giant monsters terrorize the world, and make life pretty miserable for puny humans. The mighty minotaur rises from Death's Pool, the U.S. Army goes to war with The Million Year Monster, a creepy kraken awaits in The Thing From The Pool, and two astronauts land on an entire planet of kaiju in The Other World. Mount your maser cannons for this invasion of colossal creatures! You can find this now online at Drive Thru Comics.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Romance

Golden Agers mixes weird with desire in Strange Romance. Bringing some of the strangest Golden Age comic book stories of sci-fi, we get to see love in all its fondest and fearful faces. Outer space, time travel, angels, devils, acid trips, harem girls, cavewomen, cat goddesses, Martian princesses, ghosts, nymphs, monsters, mad science, and more await for you in this phantasmagorical collection!You can catch this at Drive Thru Comics, plus as part of the Golden Agers: Strange Series Bundle.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Klassik Komic: Monsters Vs. Heroes

Klassik Komix presents the eternal struggle of Monsters Vs. Heroes! Crimefighters, space cadets, jungle lords, and superheroes struggle with things that go bump in the night. The original Golden Age Daredevil battles the size-changing demon known as The Claw, master magician Yarko the Great takes on the villainous Vladim and his zombies, Miss Masque mingles with mummies, Fero the Planet Detective hunts down Plutonian vampires, Jungle Jim comes across an alien witch doctor, Ibis the Invincible busts ghosts and Moon Monsters, Golden Arrow bullseyes the Devil, modern day Merlin the Magician raids an ancient tomb filled with enormous insects and wicked wizards, Mysta of the Moon confronts the Terrible Worm of Jupiter, and Airboy teams up with the voluptuous Valkyrie to stop the monstrous Misery. It's supernatural vs. superpowers in this super-scary comics collection! 100 Big Pages! You can order this through us, or at Lulu.com

Klassik Komix: Monsters Vs. Heroes Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Classic Cartoon Critters Bundle

We've got all 6 of the Classic Cartoon Critters titles available in a special bargain bundle. You get: Atom The Cat, Atomic Bunny And Friends, Atomic Mouse, Atomic Mouse And Friends Special, Atomic Mouse-Color Special, Atomic Mouse-Thanksgiving Special, and The Hepcats. All available at one great low price! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Classic Cartoon Critters: Atomic Mouse-Color Special

Classic Cartoon Critters brings back Atomic Mouse in glorious extra color! The Golden Age funny animal super hero flies through several spectacular adventures. He first fights the nasty Count Gatto as he makes off with a flying saucer, then a giant alien cat menaces his beloved burg of Mouseville, next another Count Gatto scheme to steal money from orphans, finally Atomic Mouse licks some pesky locusts. All this plus more fun from the Mouse of Atom in this all-ages color cavalcade! You can grab this at Drive Thru Comics.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Golden Agers: Strange Science (in color)

Golden Agers brings on the weird as we dabble in some really Strange Science. Sci-fi meets horror meets fantasy in this odd omnibus, and in color! Spacemen find utopia in Garden Of Eden, it's cowboys vs. aliens in Bum Steer, sexy harem girls from the future in Miscalculation, The Space Rangers submerse in an underwater world, The Emissary is chosen to prevent an invasion, an expedition to the red planet has mankind's first meeting with The Martians, A time traveler finds the world taken over by dogs in The Last Enemy, the world is saved by a Fluke!Donnegan's Daffy Chair takes a tour through the universe, two Earth men are teleported to a planet filled with dinosaurs in CaptivityThe Face Of Mars reveals an ancient secret, and discover why The Fourth Dimension Is A Many Splattered Thing. Mad science and amazing stories mix for this crazy concoction! Beam this down at Drive Thru Comics, and as part of the Golden Agers Strange Series.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Daring Dames Spotlight: Sheena

Daring Dames spotlights on the original Queen of the Jungle, Sheena! Not only beating out Wonder Woman for the first comic book heroine, this bodacious blonde bwana is the creation of Will Eisner and Jerry Iger. See her fight Lai the Snake Goddess, pesky poachers, and wicked witch doctors. Voodoo, terrifying tribes, wild animals, and the greed of man are all on Sheena's hit list as she protects the jungle from the forces of evil. You can download this at Drive Thru Comics and Lulu.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Klassik Komix: Super Safari

This ain't your daddy's jungle comics! Klassik Komix takes you on the safari of a lifetime with the most outrageous expedition on this and several other worlds! Starring serial queen Nyoka the Jungle Girl, Auro the Lord of Jupiter saves Earthlings from his Jovian dinosaurs, Jungle Jo and the luscious Lura battle the voodoo of the White Spirit, Jungle Jim meets a mad scientist and a golden goddess, a treasure hunter is haunted by a panther god in Cat's Death, White Princess Taanda attacks giant ants, terrors await on Savage World, brave Kaanga and Ann the amazon rule the outback, Flint Baker tracks down dinos in a new galaxy, congo queen Camilla calls upon gorillas to protect her lost empire, an astronaut finds an alien cave girl in Two's Company, and the last humans alive are chased by mutant lizard men in An Eye For An Eye. Grab your vine and steer clear of thunder lizards as you embark on this Super Safari! 100 Big Pages! You can get this through us, and at Lulu.com.

Klassik Komix: Super Safari Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Golden Agers: Jungle Terrors

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the rain forest, Golden Agers brings you this thrilling collection of Jungle Terrors. Frightful fables set in the darkest parts of the jungle. There's two tales of the heroic Jungle Jim, one where he protects a tribe of miniature humans from The Wizard Of Dark Mountain, and another where he fights giant rodents to save The Golden Goddess Of Thalthor. Witness the original of Sheena-Queen of the Jungle. Char Chapman is the Phantom of the East. Dinosaurs reign in Time Slip. Jungle Jo confronts witch doctors. She Stalks At Sundown shows an explorer taking the terrific Tigra the were-tigress from the wilds and back to the civilized world. Ace Malloy investigates a desert sabotage. In the future, a man goes on vacation to meet the jungle Girl Of My Schemes. Cat's Death has another explorer making off with a stolen African treasure while being haunted by a vengeful panther god. Ted Davey fights drug smugglers in Island From the Deep, An Eye For An Eye has two survivors of the human race making their escape through a tropical wasteland while being hunted by monstrous lizard men. Konga the Jungle Lord is trapped between two warring tribes. Sci-fi, horror, action, adventure, romance, and more in these savage scary stories! You can get this online now at Drive Thru Comics and Lulu.com.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Daring Dames: Amazing Amazons

Daring Dames dips back into the wild with these Amazing Amazons! We've got two tales of the curvaceous Cave Girl as she tries to stop human sacrifices to a volcano god, and fends off a pesky pigmy. Also, the comely Camilla calls upon the apes to protect her lost empire, Judy of the Jungle tangles with the lethal Leopard Queen, and the bikini-clad Tangi has to prove her innocence to her tribe. These sweet savages turn up the heat in these tropical tales of adventure! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Klassik Komix: Space Jockeys

Set phasers for "cool" as we go cruise the cosmos. Klassik Komix brings some of the greatest stories of the Golden Age in this bombastic mix of space adventures! Start off with the trials of an Earth Man On Venus, Space Bourne has an out of this world honeymoon, Gale Allen and the Girl Squadron battle alien dinosaurs, Spurt Hammond rescues a space princess, get literally Lost In Space, Buzz Crandall weeds out giant plants on another world, launch with the Space Rangers, Mysta of the Moon tangles with galactic terrorists, aliens discover what Conquers All, and book a seat on the Rocket To The Moon. Warp into comedy, romance, horror, and action in this groovy guide to the galaxy! 100 Big Pages! You order this through us, and at Lulu.com.

Klassik Komix: Space Jockeys Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Daring Dames Spotlight: The Black Cat (in color)

Hot Hollywood actress Linda Turner leads a double-life as the sensational Black Cat. She takes on some ghosts, saboteurs, and costumed supervillains. Plus, Black Cat teaches you some of her secret Judo Tricks, and Linda Turner hobnobs with some celebrities from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Daring Dames strings together these fantastic fables of the original Black Cat! You can catch this at Drive Thru Comics and at Lulu.com.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Golden Agers: Thun'da

Golden Agers swings into the safari of a lifetime with Thun'da, King of the Congo. Popularized by the 50s movie serials starring Buster Crabbe, Thun'da was a comic book series created by the great fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. In this collection, we see Thun'da's origin story as air force pilot Roger Drum crash lands in a hidden part of Africa still inhabited by dinosaurs, cavemen, and giant snakes! Roger soon earns a place as the new jungle lord under the name "Thun'da", and takes on the sexy scantily-clad jungle princess Pha as his mate. See Thun'da adopt the sabretooth tiger Sabre as his constant companion, fight poachers, rumble with rival tribes, tangle with treasure hunters, and protect the congo from animals gone wild. Savage adventure awaits in this fantastic collection! You can get this in digital and print now at Drive Thru Comics, as well as Indy Planet.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Golden Agers: Heroes Super Special

Golden Agers brings back the Heroes in this Super Special! There's the origin of the cosmic Holo-Man and his mentor Laserman as they try to defend America from a nuclear threat. The mysterious Green Mask and his sidekick Domino try to stop a kidnapping. The original Captain Atom hunts hoodlums. Dollman and his canine partner grapple with gangsters. Captain Atlas protects Britain. Bulletman and Bulletdog defend a dog show. The Avenger assaults a mad scientist. Mr. Apollo bulks up. Target and the Targeteers round up racketeers. Thunderbolt Jaxon gains the power of Thor. Sidekicks Dusty and Roy team up to form the Boy Buddies. Kid Eternity talks to the dead. Blue Beetle and Sparky vex a vampire. Crime-fighting adventure and thrills in this combustible collection! You can get this at Drive Thru Comics.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ghastly Gals is back and bigger!

Deadly Dames brings you Ghastly Gals, a collection of horror stories from the Golden Age of comics featuring monstrous maidens and evil enchantresses There's voluptuous vampires, murderous mermaids, wicked witches, ghostly girls, snake goddesses, seductive sirens, satanic brides, jungle queens, slinky sorceresses, and women of the web. Crypt cuties and horror hotties get their graveyard groove on in this terror-filled romp. Starring: Spider Widow, Chic Carter, The Weaver, and Mr. Risk. Featuring stories like The Book Of Doom, Vampire, I Chopped Her Head Off, Lure Of The Snake Goddess, She Stalks At Sundown, Vampires Two, Monsters Of The Deep, Bridegroom Come Back, Devil Cat, The Vampire's Bones, and Map Of Doom. 100 Big Pages!!! You can get this in print through us, or at Lulu.com, plus for download at Drive Thru Comics, and as part of the Monster Comics Collection Bundle.

Deadly Dames: Ghastly Gals Volume #1=$9.99
(100 pages)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Atlanta Comic Convention

We've got a table at the next Atlanta Comic Convention on Aug. 10 at the Marriott Century Center on 2000 Century Blvd., Atlanta, GA. 30345.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chimpocalypse And Other Apocalypses

It's the end of the world as we know it, times three! This armageddon troika features Chimpocalypse, written by Jer Alford and drawn by Ashley Rowland. Plus Kitten Apocalypse by Meghasissues, and Bad Energy by Aaron Horhanian. Whether its mutant chimps, dragons, zombie kittens, or comic geeks, the end is nigh in this apocalyptic anthology! We've now got a FREE version of Chimpocalypse available for download at Drive Thru Comics.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mini-Komix on Patreon

Mini-Komix is now set up on Patreon where you can pledge money to future publications and receive great prizes in return!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Zombie Vs Pirate And Other Yarns (FREE)

It's the eternal conflict of undead vs. swashbucklers! Zombie Vs. Pirate sees Cap'n Cramps locking horns with the walking dead hippie, Gary. These two memes host a collection of strange yarns by a diverse draw of comic creators. We've got T.E.D: Time Exploration Droid coming back to search for the Temple of the Infinity Compass, All Is Forgiven looks into animal testing, get cute and fuzzy with Small-Bodied Furry Ninja High School, and find out What A Beautiful World This Is. Swab the deck with walkers in this underground comix cavalcade! Created by Jer Alford, Timothy Milton, John Powell, Ashley Rowland, Staph, Tyler Sticka, and J.T. Yost. You can get download this for FREE at Drive Thru Comics and at Lulu.com.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Daring Dames: Curvy Cases (in color)

Try to crack the case of the century with these curvy crime-solvers. Daring Dames tells of the sexiest stories from the Golden Age of Comics burst back on to the scene, and in color! We've got the high-flying Sky Girl get into another stupendous adventure. Also, the Nazi-smashing dancing girl, Flamingo, from the mind of Jerry Iger. There's also the slinky star Joan Barrie and her slightly psychotic director. Finally, the hellacious Hollywood Stunt-Girl, Jeanie Steele who has to deal with a deadly jealous starlet. You'll want to examine every single inch of this "body of evidence"! You can get this at Drive Thru Comics.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Deadly Dames Bundle

We've got our first bundle available on Drive Thru Comics. Our lot of all five Deadly Dames issues collects Evil Enchantresses, Monstrous Maneaters, Spicy Spirits, Venomous Vamps, and Vile Villainesses. Some of the nastiest, creepiest, scariest, but sexiest she-monsters and bad girls from the Golden Age of Comics in one huge bundle!

Daring Dames: Time Tarts

Daring Dames reverses the polarity of the neutron flow as we warp back through the ages in one stellar chrono-collection. We revisit the Lost Lives Of Laura Hastings whose constant reincarnations have her reliving lives as a curvy cave girl, an exotic Egyptian princess, and a pirate's pleasure. A hot mecha pilot plans a Holo Cost. The Monster God Of Rogor sees a archeologist crossing dimensions due to an ancient artifact and falling in love with the pretty priestess Maryl. Princess Of The Future has a planetary princess seeking her husband from across time. Exotic adventurers Jin and Ikea go back to the Jurassic era in Time Slip. A foxy future student travels back to the old west in Time Door. An astronaut is given a look back at his possible life on Earth from his wife's ghost in The Apers. Gale Allen and the Girl Squadron fight aliens in the future. Captain Science and his alluring assistant Luana clash with the evil Doctor Khartoum as he travels back to a lost city to sacrifice a sexy slave girl to an dark entity. Finally, The Vortex has a scientist creating a machine which takes him to the highly advanced parallel universe of Malzor where he marries the gorgeous lady Zorna. Sci-fi, fantasy, action, and adventure in this awesome omnibus of time travel tales. You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics and Lulu.com.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mini-Komix on Etsy

We've now got a few of our self-published titles available on our shop at Etsy.com. This includes several of our anthologies and "mini-mini-comics".

Friday, June 27, 2014

Classic Cartoon Critters: Atomic Mouse And Friends Special

The Mouse of the Atom is back, and this time, he brought friends! Atomic Mouse sets out on three full adventures, including a meeting with Jack Frost, a scheming cat in disguise, and stopping some crooks from using the new Jet-Mobile machine in their latest caper. Plus, short stories involving some of the rest of the cast with Professor Invento, Count Gato, and fellow superhero Happy the Magic Bunny. Atomic Mouse crashes in for more fun with this Classic Cartoon Critters collection! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics and Lulu.com.