Monday, October 31, 2022

Strange Character Comics

Strange Character Comics are bizarre sci-fi stories from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age. Esoteric tales like: To Live In Alloy Continuity, The Creature From The Bolinas Lagoon, Spaceship Comix, Unknown Rescuer, Introducing God, Snatcher, Old Pirates Never Die, Sasquatch, Bride Of The Swamp, The Dead Planet, Attack Of The Sludge Creatures, Ice Age, Eddie The Odd, Airships, and Beyond Heroes. 100 Big Pages of time travel, aliens, monsters, robots and space babes! You can download this now a Drive Thru Comics, plus as part of the Monster Comics Collection, and in paperback at Lulu.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Unearthly Spectaculars

Unearthly Spectaculars is a slick selection of strange sci-fi stories from the Silver Age! There is bizarre fantasy like The Visitor, Tiger Boy, The Hidden World, Clawfang, Logan's Next Life, Old Wives Tale, 3 Rocketeers, Earthman, The Saucerer, and Unbelievable Story! 68 pages of science-fiction 1960s comics, and in color! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics, plus as part of the Monster Comics Collection, also in paperback at Lulu

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The Satanic Coloring Book-Volume 2: Animals

The Satanic Coloring Book–Volume 2: Animals highlights the Satanic side of a variety of creatures, wild and domestic, at every turn. Jason’s signature Satanic stained glass and symbolism embellish many of the images in this devilish bestiary. Take a second trip with Jason Lenox for an exploration of the world of Satanism through the imagery of animals. This time Jason’s unholy guest artists include Lucien Greaves, Tabitha Slander, Jane Baker, Christie Shinn, Violet Azimuth, Randy Faust and Jason Atomic. You can get this in paperback format now at Lulu.

The Satanic Coloring Book-Volume 1: Rituals

The Satanic Coloring Book–Volume 1: Rituals is headlined by classic Satanic characters Baphomet, Lilith, and Babylon the Great along with undead soldiers, werewolf dominatrixes, and a bagpiping skeleton. Jason’s distinctive Satanic stained glass and heraldry adorn many of the pages as backgrounds for these demon haunted environments. Join Jason Lenox as he delivers an infernal and erotic group of Satanic Ritual images for your artistic pleasure. Devilish artwork from infamous guest artists Mama Metal, Randy Faust, Dani Zemba, Violet Azimuth and Lucifer Storm completes the final pages of this profane tome. You can order this in print now at Lulu.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Monster Club & Comix

Monster comics and original creature illustrations! Tales of strange encounters with the unknown. While jogging, on the bus, even a visit to a chain coffee shop, everywhere you think you know still may be filled with the danger of the strange and undiscovered. In the series of short stories some follow the monster as it encounters humans, some follow humans as they encounter or become the monster. All tales of creatures like you’ve never seen before, experiencing a world as terrifying and difficult to live in for them as it is for you. All told with a sense of horror and humor. Plus, behind the scenes art detailing the creatures themselves. By Denis St. John. You can get this now in paperback at Lulu.


Rent-A-Hero is when you need a superhero in a hurry. Directly from the Silver Age of Comics is this groovy collection of campy characters! When 1960s Batman was a hit, it sparked the dawning of a new wave of super spoofs. Dial a hero like Miracles Inc., Pirana, Super Surplus, and Jack Quick Frost! All this plus sly supervillains like Lord Lazee, The Gong, Dr. Yes, and The Purple Hood Gang. 64 pages of crazy comics, and in color! You can download this now at Drive Thru Comics, plus as part of the Parody Comics Collection, also in print at Lulu.