Monday, August 12, 2013

High School Hijinks FREE digital comic

No other place in either anime or manga has centered itself more than in a high school. So, here's three short comic stories each set in their own unique high school setting. There's High School Sweethearts by Willie Jimenez where two troubled teenagers work through their feelings. Next is Furry Ninja High School: Version 2 by Jer Alford and Bar-1 based on the popular Ninja High School series by Ben Dunn(but with furries!). Plus, Gaijin Hi by Jer Alford and Amanda Garmen about an average schoolboy becomes the center of a new exchange student's affections that just happens to be a catgirl from Mars! Lots of shoujo fun and hijinks in this manga anthology! You can now get this online for FREE at Drive Thru Comics and Lulu.

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