Thursday, December 5, 2013

Golden Agers: Science Fiction

Golden Agers is our new digital series where we bring together some of the greatest stories in the history of comics. This special "Science Fiction" selection highlights some of the best in the genre. Follow the brave Jim Fanning as he tries to solve the Mystery Of Asteroid 9, the mighty Man O' Mars fights to liberate Earth from Martian invaders, discover lost civilizations with the Space Rangers, crime-fighter Lance Storm duels the evil Prof. Zarno during an alien invasion in The Hoax Of Death, the Boy Explorers take a trip to the moon, outer space sorceress Demona battles monsters, a galactic guardian gets A Vision Of Venus, Catman discovers the lost city of Atlantis, Blue Beetle rescues a space station from asteroids, Blast searches other worlds for Element X, Captain Valiant plots against space pirates, and The Swordsman of Sarin slashes his way on a hostile world to rescue the love of his life! Star treks and time travel are the house special in this colossal collection! You can download it at Drive Thru Comics.

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