Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Zombie Vs Pirate And Other Yarns (FREE)

It's the eternal conflict of undead vs. swashbucklers! Zombie Vs. Pirate sees Cap'n Cramps locking horns with the walking dead hippie, Gary. These two memes host a collection of strange yarns by a diverse draw of comic creators. We've got T.E.D: Time Exploration Droid coming back to search for the Temple of the Infinity Compass, All Is Forgiven looks into animal testing, get cute and fuzzy with Small-Bodied Furry Ninja High School, and find out What A Beautiful World This Is. Swab the deck with walkers in this underground comix cavalcade! Created by Jer Alford, Timothy Milton, John Powell, Ashley Rowland, Staph, Tyler Sticka, and J.T. Yost. You can get download this for FREE at Drive Thru Comics and at Lulu.com.

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