Friday, June 6, 2014

Klassik Komix: Atomic Animals

Klassik Komix carries on its line of Golden Age comics with this atomic title, Atomic Animals. Some of the original funny animals characters in comics were in fact superheroes! This series collects some of the best from this atomic age with several "tails" of the legendary Atomic Mouse, a normal mouse given mighty superpowers thanks to an atomic pill he takes to defend his fellow mice from the machinations of the hornswoggling Count Gatto. Also included is the heroic Atom The Cat who is gifted with extraordinary abilities and uses them to promote peace and the pursuit of knowledge. Plus, some of the amazing Atomic Bunny who bounces bank robbers and travels through space. Nuclear hijinks ensue as this trio of titans soar off into all ages fun for everyone! You can get this directly from us, or from

Klassik Komix: Atomic Animals Volume #1=$5.99
(52 pages long)

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