Saturday, October 24, 2015

Klassik Komix: Strange Superstitions

Klassik Komix spans the globe and beyond for all kinds of Strange Superstitions! A young girl is admitted into Hades University, a werewolf is on the loose in Halloween Scene, a fugitive is stalked by the Swamp Monster, stuffed animals attack in Terrible Teddy, demons run wild in Walpurgis, post-apocalyptic zombies rule with world in Flight To The Future, a mad scientist calls upon the power of the Zodiac, the Bridge Of Death claims another victim, Lynch Mob is about a western mystery, The Drowned Girl preys on her ex-lover from beyond the grave, devilish deals are made in The Pact, Lady Luck busts some ghosts, and Moon Girl mashes creatures of the night! Monsters, madness, and mayhem maraud you to the marrow in this maniacal menagerie! You can order this now from Lulu.

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