Monday, January 15, 2018

Butterfly: The First Black Superheroine

Premiering in Hell-Rider magazine from 1971 during the Bronze Age, The Butterfly was the very first African-American comic book superheroine! Marian Michaels leads a double-life not only as a hit Vegas nightclub singer, but as the masked maiden known as Butterfly. Aside from being a hand-to-hand combat expert, Butterfly also uses blinding light effects, suction gloves, and a jumping jet pack to fight the forces of evil! She clashes with the crafty Claw and his clan of costumed cat-men, plus the Grand Master along with the Brothers of the Crimson Cross! Written by Gary Friedrich; art by John Celardo, Mike Esposito, Rich Buckler, and Bill Everett. Also included are tales of other foxy mamas like Salimba the Jungle Goddess by Stephen Perry, Lady Satan by Al Hewetson and Ricardo Villamonte, plus Go-Go Girl and Disappointed Doll by Jack Kirby(the creator of Black Panther!). Fly off into action with the original black female superhero! This is available in print by us, as well as Lulu, plus in print and digitally at Indy Planet, also for download at Drive Thru Comics, and as part of the Black Comics Matter bundle.

Butterfly: The First Black Superheroine Volume #1=$7.99
(80 pages long)

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