Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Fanzine Sardine: Heroine Addiction

Fanzine Sardine roles more fandom fun off the conveyor belt with Heroine Addiction! Highlighting good girls from various fanzines like Heroine Addict, Heroine Showcase, and The U.K. Heroine. Featuring articles on characters like Lady Luck, Moon Girl, Black Cat, Christy Love, Nyoka, Barbarella, Polymer Polly, Modesty Blaise, Black Angel, Sheena, Miss Victory, Taanda, Jet Dream, Firehair, Tiger Girl, Miss Fury, Star Flagg, Misty, Mentalia, and Mary Marvel! A bodacious Bronze Age collection of the superheroines from the past! You can download this now at Lulu, plus in digital and print at Drive Thru Comics, also available as part of the Fanzine Sardine Collection Bundle, plus digital at Lulu.

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